I’m bored of my new car already. Send help, because I want this. Like I’m so bored I’ve considered bagging it. (I stanced my A4 on shit coilovers and ruined it by doing so.) I actually miss that car, just because of how much I personalized it. It was slow also.

Why am I bored? It’s SO FUCKING SLOW. (And its not an Audi and I miss that).

Seriously Volkswagen, 8.4 seconds wasn’t even a good 0-60 in 1999. My A6 did it in 6.0 flat and you’d have torque in any gear at any rpm. With the Jetta, in third gear at 30 mph nothing fucking happens.

In the A6, in 6th gear at any speed and there ya go plentiful torque. In the Jetta, fifth gear at any RPM. Nothing. Nothing at all, time to downshift and watch as nothing happens there either.

And it should be noted the Jetta is like my third car in less than a year.

Good thing is how cheap insurance is.