Opel showed this awesome little guy.

The Opel GT concept yes its cool and no those windowsless windows will never be made but what caught my eye was on the wheel close to the hub it says perimeter brake whatever that is Road and track speculates

“Check out the hub label: Perimeter Brake. Yes, in order to get such a deep-faced wheel, Opel (ostensibly) mounted the brake rotor to the inside of the wheel instead of directly to the hub. Conceptually, they’re similar to the Zero Torsional Load perimeter brakes innovated by now-defunct Buell Motorcycle Company. While I couldn’t actually confirm whether the concept car had such brakes installed, it’s a nifty concept idea.”

I agree but how does it work? Also how would you take the wheel off?

Lastly they better make this and call it a Chevrolet Nova Vega or something here in the US.