Open Letter to the Media and Tony Stewart

I'm going to weigh in now that the entire Stewart-Ward issue is at least criminally/potential jail time over. First, I have some stuff to say to the media. For SHAME, you should have known better. To crucify Tony before the process played out is unprofessional, unethical, and incredibly disheartening. Where was the objectivity? How about not publishing supposition as fact? Why were supposed experts people like Tony's ex girlfriend? Any idiot knows there isn't a shred of objectivity in her opinions. How dare you villify Tony before the facts were in. Or try to stir up a conspiracy against Tony by not researching how the Grand Jury process in NY works. There was no conspiracy or vendetta. There was simply a process. A process that worked.

Yet in your ratings driven, 24 hour newsfeed of babble of made up controversies, you chose to pick on Tony. Heaven forbid you use your position to address the issues other sports face, such as cheating, domestic abuse, or a litany of other woes. No, you had to put Tony through a nightmarish existence of speculation and innuendo. As well as the family of Ward. How would you like the most painful moments of your life thrown at you 24 hours a day? A life is gone. Both Tony and Ward's families have had to deal with the torture of reality, let alone the pain being exacerbated by the media flogging this matter.


And for what? More viewers? To feel omnipotent? To flex your supposed muscle? Leave them all alone. I'd like to say you, the media, know better, however I have a policy against lying.

Tony, I'm not a fan of yours. I think your behavior in the past potentially planted a seed that what Ward did was ok in his mind, the marijuana notwithstanding. However, I am enraged at how you have been hounded. No one deserves this type of treatment. I'm glad the Grand Jury followed the process and at least this chapter of this saga is over. I hope you can move on, and also maybe set a new example of how to behave at the track.


No one won here, folks. A life is gone. Two circles of lives have collided, never to be the same. Let's look at this and do whatever is in our power to prevent a recurrence. Enough suffering is in this world already.

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