Opening rounds of the competition of The Greatest Driving Song...

In The World!

Gathered here are 8 songs to fight for the top spot. Who will win is up to you, but don't just vote for the songs you know or thought is the best before listing to all of them. Listen to them on a drive or while playing a driving/racing game. Please DON'T tell people to vote for any particular songs, as that is not what this is about. One more thing, Jackiiieeeee! STOP complaining about the songs!!!! Seriously, I asked for input from you guys and if you missed them, you missed them, PERIOD.


Now then, on to the songs.

First up we have "Atlas" by Battles:

Going up against it is Gov't Mule - "When Doves Cry/Beautifully Broken":

<a href="

">Atlas v Doves Cry</a>

Up next, Queen- "Don't Stop Me Now":

Vs. Pink Floyd - "Welcome to the Machine":

<a href="


">Don't Stop Me Now v. Welcome to The Machine</a>

"Walk" by Pantera:

Against Black Sabbath's "Symptom of The Universe":

<a href="


">Walk v. Symptom of the Universe</a>

Finally we get to "Fuel" by Metallica:

Fighting The Black Keys' "Elevator":

<a href="


">Fuel v. Elevator</a>

This is my first time making these polls, so if there are any errors let me know what they are and how to fix them. Thanks, and happy hooning!

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