After my oven errored and shut off halfway through cooking dinner last weekend, I realized how many things in my life are half-functional and I just sort of deal with them instead of fixing or replacing them.

And I realized it causes a lot of hassle, and having to explain things to people, or getting pissed, or apologizing for something not working. I’m 38 years old, and make decent money, so there is really no excuse for this but my own laziness.

So to that end I’m prioritizing the most problematic things and fixing them. The list is as follows:

  • Stove (two burner don’t light on their own, and the oven randomly errors)
  • Fridge(missing 1 drawer, makes a really loud clunk when it shuts off)
  • Microwave (very low power, door button sticks)
  • Doorbell(doesn’t work)
  • Kitchen faucet(leaks)
  • Shower valve(worn out & doesn’t work well)
  • Plumbing(water hammer clanging)

As you can see most are in the kitchen, I had planned to do a quick renovation this spring, but my broken collar bone delayed that and I’m not sure when I’ll get to it. So instead I’m going to replace the problem things so I can get more time out of the current kitchen without being stressed.


To that end I ordered a new stove & fridge to be delivered next week, and I’m going shopping for microwave/doorbell/faucet later this week. Hopefully after this burst of money/effort the lower hassle quotient in my life will give me more energy to do the fun projects I like working on.