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Well, the Corvette has had some nagging issues since I bought it in 2017 and I figure it’s time to load up the credit card with replacement part purchases.

The Vette has a nasty click and excess play in the differential. Along with that, she’s got a bad tie rod end which makes the rear wander all over the place. The car has some ~57,000 miles of on the clock and it’s time for some love. Although the car has been “kept” well since 2001, I can tell most of the common maintenance items have largely been ignored. Of course, I’m sure it doesn’t help that this is a northern based Corvette and it just sits all winter long, rotting away in its own fluids.


Anyways, I’ve gone full HAM and grabbed a lightly used C5 Z06 differential off of eBay and a new replacement axle for “just in case” (both not pictured). Along with that, I bought a new tie rod end and a new clutch w/slave cylinder for kicks ‘n giggles. I figured since the whole torque tube and trans/diff with subframe have to be dropped, I might as well get the clutch changed too.

The downside (although the intent was good) to owning a C5 or newer Vette is the torque tube and rear mounted trans with differential. This means I can’t really work on the drivetrain myself without a lift. Once I pay down some of the debt I’ve acquired, the plan is to find a shop, get this stuff replaced and have a whole load of maintenance items completed at the same time. (coolant change, brake fluid change, clutch fluid change, trans fluid change , diff fill, etc.).

My goal is to have it all buttoned up by the end of July. Once she’s good to go, the next plan is to drive from Minnesota to Wisconsin to watch the IMSA race at Road America.

Cool story, bro.

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