lets see how bad it is (incidentally...do not buy these wheels... mavic makes great wheels but their entry level read cheap stuff is soft as babyshite)

welp..thats seen better days

spider living in rear mech... check


old inner tube looking remarkably pristine.... probably didnt need to replace... oh well.. fuck it more spares never hurts

had to remove rear wheel... sounds like it has marbles rolling around in there.... appears to be a spoke nipple rolling around in the rim.. probably happened last time i had a spoke replaced... rim is double walled so i cant get to it... noise will drive me mad.. but otherwise harmless.. nothing to worry about


mandatory as im incapable of getting a bike pump of the valve without bashing me hand into the brake disc


uhhh.... wheres the spacer?... pretty sure the brake pads need a spacer.... missing at the front too... soo.. brake pads are just lying in there loose.. ergo no brakes.. will have to get some parts for that

one half arsed cleaning later....bikes in surprisingly good shape.. front fork is seized waiting to see if lubricant fixes that.. but if it doesnt i might just fit a solid fork. brakes need fixing. and the gears need some finetuning.. but it shifts again.... this was much less of a headache than i figured