Operation Oppocar: Let's Win the 24 Hours of Nurburgring

This weekend, overall 25 Hours of Thunderhill winners Rotek Racing will head to the 24 Hours of Nurburgring with the intent of taking on Germany to win their SP4T class and maybe, just maybe, the race overall. However, they can't do it alone. That's where we come in.

In partnership with Oppositelock, the American Rotek Racing squad has made some space on their Audi TTRS racer available to our community to secure some final funding in a unique way: Opening their beautiful car to your words.


Indeed, what we have here is perhaps history's only ever opportunity to get your name, even sentences of your choosing, printed on a nearly 400 horsepower, entirely front wheel drive Audi TTRS Racecar. Yes, this means you can write "I like farts" on a car that will be driven by two Americans, including Jalopnik's resident pro racer Robb Holland, and FIA World Touring Car Champion Rob Huff, but we hope you're a bit more creative than that.

The full list of opportunities is below, and you can enter the operation here.

$5 - Goodwill: Access our exclusive Twitter feed to keep up to date on our progress.

$10 - Personal Branding: Every supporter will get their name on the roof or wing of the car.

$25 - Personal Motto: Every supporter at this level will get a personal statement on the roof or wing of the car (Limit 10 words). Also, supporters will receive a Rotek Racing / Nurburgring sticker.

$50 - Rotek Swag: Supporters will get a stylish Rotek Racing "Race The Ring" T-shirt.

$100 - Corporate Logo Small: Any corporation supporters at this level will get their logo on the wing or roof our TTRS.

$2,500 - Corporate Sponsor (Full): Corporate supporters at this level will get large logo placement prominently on our TTRS.

$5,000 - Nurburgring Experience: Supporters at this level will receive a passenger side in our awesome TTRS Racecar. 3 laps around the Nordschleife; We could do more, but you most likely can't! (And my crew doesn't want to clean up your lunch out of the footwell of the car)

A track day in the Rotek Racing Ford Focus RS with Pro Driver Robb Holland instructing while you learn the Nurburgring.

Accommodations and food for 2 nights at the Rotek Racing Team house. (Transportation to the Nurburgring not included)

Oh, and one more thing:

We really appreciate your support so we won't let you walk away empty handed. First off we will be representing Opposite Lock at the race this year! We will carry the Opposite Lock logo on our car. The more you guys donate the bigger the logo gets! If you hit $50,000 before race day then we will brand the entire car with Opposite Lock Livery.


Photo Credit: Larry Chen, Rotek Racing.

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