Opinion time

So I will be graduating with a masters this year. Since I am living at home, I anticipate spending an inordinate amount of money on a car that will ideally last me a super long time: a toyota.

The question? Taco or 4runner?


The comparison is a difficult one: The taco has a newer engine and ~1800lbs better towing capacity, but it’s a truck and to be frank I am not a truck guy. TBH I would rather an enclosed trunk and get a cheapo trailer for hauling shit.

The 4runner is a 4runner and makes the enthusiast me happy. Price is roughly the same for similarly equipped cars, so offroading goodies are the same. I could still decide for a lower trim but I kinda want the TRD in either case.

Basically: these are mostly the same, and I was hoping the taco would be more expensive to buy and essentially make the decision for me. Color me surprised. Don’t want to make a mistake I’d regret. If I go with the taco I am going to agonize over 1" of bed size too.

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