I passed through the dealer showroom, while Mrs. Grind’s RAV gets oils changed, and met this fat piece of fat on the floor.

What in God’s name is a ‘Coupe High-Rider’? Aparently this thing, the C-HR. Have we sprouted so many CUV’s than we now have to lift a sedan to see over the road bloatings we’ve stupidly created?

I opened the door not out of wonder, well, okay, yes out of wonder how people in the back seat could see our of such tiny windows and found my old 2008 Mazda3 sized cabin.

Can’t see out of it. Holds nothing more than a corolla. My opinion: it checks all the boxes of a fucking waste of space, and all the boxes of an emotionally stunted wife that won’t get caught dead in a corolla or ‘soccer mom’ suv.

Aparently there’s now focus group results showing sick increases in perceived image that it’s profitable to cater to it. Worried about validating judgement? Get one of these!


I haaaate it.