Opinions on a decent torque wrench

I want/need to get a torque wrench for an up-coming project (yes I really should already have one) I'm having trouble trying to decide what I should get. I am normally a fan of Craftsman tools but I've gotten a few lately that were made in china and frankly they were of a harbor freight level of quality but I paid twice as much for them.

If I'm gonna get a made in china crap tool I might as well get it cheap right? Well, I really don't even want a cheap torque wrench, and I thing most of you will agree if someone went to the trouble of stating a torque spec for something, its probably important to get it right and I do not trust a cheap tool to do that.

d like to keep it sub 100$ but I have considered getting a nice 300$ Snap-on as well and I could buy it but I feel like there must be a happy middle ground I'm not considering.


All that leads me to my question for you, who makes a good torque wrench, preferably for a reasonable price?


I actually ended up buying a CDI torque wrench that was suggested here. The thing is awesome and I couldn't be happier with the purchase.

Thanks All!

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