So, I got a motorcycle. 1994 Kawasaki Ninja 250 - 9300 miles, $750. I got it running today, so I figured I should look into getting it registered and plated. In Wisconsin, bike plates are good for two years, and expire at the end of April in even-numbered years. With any plate option, title fees are $69.50.

This is a ‘95 - the only difference is mine has black wheels and stock exhaust.

I’ve got three options for motorcycle plates that I qualify for.


These are standard plates. They’re black on white. They’d cost me $24.92 ($23 for 2 years, $1.92 prorated for March 2016), and expire in April 2018.
I can also get these personalized for an extra $30.

These are collector plates. They’re red on light blue. They’re for stock vehicles over 20 years old. They’d cost me $73, and they would never expire.


These are hobbyist plates. They’re yellow on green. They’re for modified vehicles over 20 years old. They’d also cost me $73, and would never expire.

For reference, car plates here are $75/year.

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