This text is here just in case someone might find a spoiler. I do not want to upset anyone by maybe spoiling anything. This is why this text is here. I am preventing issues.

So, its the end of an era. I remember the first Top Gear episode I saw. My mom actually found the show for me while looking for something to watch. It was the Winter Olympics special; right at the part where they were testing the rocket fueled Mini. Since that day in 2007, Iā€™ve been hooked.

Itā€™s an odd feeling for me. Being 17, this show was a part of my life for nearly half of it. I grew up with it and it proved that I wasnā€™t crazy for my car passion. I was always able to get a great laugh. I remember actually winning one of those contests they did a few years back that scored me a DVD copy of series 10. I have a ā€œSome Say...ā€ Stig poster framed on my wall. So seeing and hearing it go was rather depressing.

I do have to say that they did a great job ending it. That honestly was two of the best specials they have had in a long time. Unlike the more recent seasons, it seemed...natural. I genuinely laughed and felt the chemistry they had. The car choices were awesome. It was put together very well.


Hammond with a beard/goatee thingy is a bit weird. James had quite the blazer on. There was clearly an elephant in the room. It just ended so.... interestingly. I donā€™t even know how to properly describe it. Of all ways for the show to go out though, they did an awesome job.

Iā€™m looking forward to whatever happens next.