Today I installed some 8mm wheel spacers to aid in clearance from the inner sidewall of my tire to the height adjustability spindle on my coilovers. I'm not completely set on leaving them on. Reading up on them brought both equal amounts of horror stories and reassurance. What are your opinions?

Left is with a spacer, right is no spacer.

More info: I still the recommended 6 full turns of the lug nut on all 4 corners. I went with 8mm to get more spacing up front and to fill out the fenders a little bit better. The car has been lowered about 1.5 inches all around, and has no issues with rubbing, scraping, or any other fuckery. I am aware that the better choice would have been to get wheels with a more fine-tuned offset, but measuring the offset needed to clear these particular coilovers and still fit within the fender nicely would have proven to be pretty hard. The wheels were also purchased before the car was lowered.