If all the things that confine you to a certain place (job, family, felony conviction) weren't a factor, where would you want to live and why? No additional homes allowed, even if you already have one. You are allowed to travel as much as you like though. I'm going to restrict this to the US just because, although if you have an international answer feel free to include it in a comment with a US answer.

My answer: I'd like to live in a fairly secluded house on Michigan's west coast. Maybe a few neighbors, but at least a mile away or so. Closeish to a little town, but far enough away for some privacy. I don't really have a specific town in mind, but further North than Holland and not too near all the touristy stuff by Traverse City.

Why? I love my home state, I love the water, and Lake Michigan has some top notch beaches. Far away from stuff so I don't have to put up with other people's crap! This would probably take some lucky breaks on my part, but I'd be perfectly content living on a smaller inland lake.

Before I moved away I never realized how much I liked Michigan and living in a "boring small town", but I guess you have to have some distance from something to really appreciate it. What about you Oppo?