Oppo, In my design 101 class, we have to make a print (20x15inches). 1/2 of the print is black and the other is white. We're only allowed to use these 2 colors, and we can only make shapes. On 1/2 of the print, we have to make a symbol of something, and on the other side, we have to make another symbol, but this is the opposite of the first symbol (for example, one side is the sun, the other is the moon, utilizing circles to create what we want) Me, being me, found inspiration from DasWauto's shirts, and I wanted to make sort of a reflection piece about today's cars (how there are "commuter cars," which take you from point A to B, then there are "cars" which just put a smile on your face. Also, I wanted to contrast slowness vs fastness (if that's a word)). On the black side, I was going to create basically a side view of an SLS AMG (the black side), out of vectors (one of my favorite cars), and on the other side, was going to be a Prius (on teh white side of the paper), Their wheels were going to touch on the border of each other, and sort of become a mirror.

However, there is a shit ton of space (highlighted in the picture below ) which is being unused. I don't know what to fill the void with, besides lines. I wanted to make basically, like straight, solid lines on the priuses side, and the lines get thicker as they go down (to sort of show the lack of speed, but the stability of these commuter cars), while on the SLS's side, I was planning on doing different lines which show a some what chaotic, unpredictable nature to the car, which can highlight speed (the power, that kind of stuff.)

Basically I have 2 questions. (remember, I'm only in design 101, and this isn't even my major, My professor said to have more than a simple thought (don't just make happy vs sad,) which could be used to say something about yourself.

1) What kind of lines can help illustrate fast vs slow

2) What should I put in the spaces, besides lines? (remember, I can only make shapes, and use black and white.)


Here's a picture to help show what I've done, please excuse the shitty drawing.