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Oppo: The Explanation

Or at least the best i can manage right now

Firstly, there are 2 different Oppositelock pages

1) this one (New Oppo) is much like the front page, requiring authorship to post, see below. it is tagged "Opposite Lock"
2) and this one (Ghetto Oppo) is a "tag page", meaning any post tagged with "oppositelock" will end up there, including comments from other posts. anyone can post to it if they use that tag



Authorship is granted by one of a set of approved moderators (for lack of a better word), if you can't post to New Oppo, bug one of them to get approved as an "Author"

Matt Hardigree
Raphael Orlove
Travis Okulski
Crown Victor Victoria
More Power! (and some brakes)
For Sweden (I think)

there may be others, i doubt my list is complete


Best i can tell so far, it gives you quick link to look at the person you've followed's blog (and by extension, all of their posts).View who you're following and who is following you in your profile settings


Other Stuffs

Editing - as far as i have been able to test, you can make edits indefinitely (no time limit). to make an edit, you have to make sure you have your actual post selected, not just viewed as areply to someone else's post. i recommend clicking on the timestamp for your post as a wuick way to be brought to the right place. the edit button should be located on the left side, near your username


Formatting - These buttons may not transfer exactly, i am on a mac using chrome, so be aware.

Font size - is controlled by (in my case) CMD+Number. these numbers range from 1-6, resulting in the following looks- (also, to return to original size, just hit the same combo again)


1 here is some text

2 here is some text

3 here is some text

4 here is some text

5 here is some text

6 here is some text

it also appears that CMD+9 adds italics,  but then, so does hitting the italic key up there ^


Skipping Lines

By now you've probably noticed how hitting Enter skips a line. Frustrating as hell isn't it? turns out


you can get around it with a "soft-enter". hitting Shift+Enter






Shortcut to New Oppo. This Should work from anywhere, comvenient to get from the FP to Oppo. Unfortunately, doesn't seem to have an option that goes the otherway. I think it has to do with which pages you have Author status on. in my case that is "My blog" and "Oppositelock". Matt and Travis et all probably see the Front Page as an option here



Thats all i have for now, im sure this'll get updated. feel free to ask me questions below, i'll answer them if i can. Also feel free to suggest things for me to add to this

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