Had to get a new antenna for the fost, so I decided to choose the dealer in the Cincinnati area with the largest ranger inventory so I could check one out as it’s a close contender for the next DD. They had a hot pepper red but I don’t believe it had been delivered yet. I’m hoping to see one in person to see the contrast between my fost’s HPR.

In person, I like the way it looks.


put the front seat at a reasonable distance from the dash to fit comfortably (keep in mind I’m 5’10”, 170 lbs.). Plenty of room.

his angle makes it seem crunched, but behind the front seat there was plenty of room for me to sit comfortably.


Interior felt good, ergonomically I liked how things were placed, some things seemed a little aged but this has been around for 8 years in other markets. It was still up to date and It didn’t bother me. A bit plasticy in the XLT but again, this isn’t a luxury truck, and luxury shouldn’t be expected.

Overall, I enjoyed the truck. I could definitely see myself owning one. I haul stuff more than I haul people, and I will keep my ST/gf’s SEL for the people hauling. I would most likely opt for the super cab with the 6’ bed instead of the shorter bed on the super crew. The super crew + 6’ bed is more space than I need. I’ve been in my share of Silverado’s, f150’s, Rams, etc. due to family and this is the first truck where I have been able to say I’d like to own it. I’ve also had seat time in a taco and I was not impressed personally.

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