You get to gift a perfect copy of your cars to another member here. Each car can go to a different person, if you have multiple. Who do you choose and why?

MM54, you need a Miata in your life. I bet the Rx7 would appreciate the company. And yes, I know all about that Turrible, Turrible salt stuff you’ve got over their, but I’ve got an idea. You devise some sort of moisture collecting apparatus at the front of the car, and attach a series of tubes that will constantly spray the underside to keep the salt off, and the rust monster at bay. Questionable? Believe me when I say, this Miata was built on questionable ideas. Where else will you find a rally-ish Miata on top-of-the-line track suspension, with a custom sound system and 100lbs of sound deadening? A Miata that’s been daily-driven without a fan, high-centered on a mountain-top in the middle of a night blizzard, and used to tow out stuck Subarus? Nowhere else. That’s where.

Hondoyota Carbro, I’ve got a Volvo with your name on it. Speaking of names, I have no idea if I got yours right. I internally refer to you as “not The Hondabro”. Anyways, I think a high-strung heavily-modified Volvo wagon would make a great first car. It’s an old beat up Volvo station wagon, so most people will instantly hate it. Good, you don’t need those people in your life. It’s going to be broken 90% of the time so you can focus on more important things like studying, all while learning valuable money-saving skills; such as blind panic, selling off your stuff, and insurance fraud. And lastly.... While it’s pretty dang fast, even by today’s standards, it’s quite safe! First vehicle fitted with side impact airbags. Boom. Screenshot that and send it to your insurance agent. If they charge you more than tree-fiddy a month, screw ‘em. Don’t let the man get you down, brother. *shotguns a bud light*