I have to drive this 34k mile gem to set the monitors for inspection. That entails putting some highway miles on it at 55mph, pulling off the road and turning it off for a few minutes, and then heading back to the shop at 55mph and trying to run it through NYSI. I'm at the middle step, so I figured I'd do a quick review with the pros and cons Car and Driver style.

-it's not my car
-it has the turbo 2.4 from the Neon SRT4, it even says so in the tach in case you forget
-great rearward visibility
-heated leather seats
-the front seats are pretty comfortable
-it's a Neon underneath (I like Neons, sue me)
-storage everywhere!
-short hood gives an almost Isetta feel to the car, like the nose drops off ahead of the A-pillar


-awkward and too high seating position
-not very fast
-torque steer
-sounds like a turbocharged Neon...or a vacuum cleaner.
-sluggish unless under WOT
-poor forward visibility
-goofy shifter connected to a 4 speed slushbox
-heated seat switch and indicator light are hidden from view
-wind noise at highway speeds
-bumpy ride at highway speeds
-the looks you get driving a PT Cruiser
-the simple fact that it is a purple PT Cruiser and people can see you in it

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