I realized just how fragile life can be today for the first time since my Dad died.

Today, about 20 minutes after I got to work I watched a motorcyclist wreck in front of the coffee shop I work for. My first thoughts were to get to him, make sure he was okay, and get him out of he road. The road he wrecked on is an extrememly busy one with two lanes going each direction and a turning lane in the center. While coming out of his neighborhood and turning left his rear tire hit an oil/fluid slick that spun the bike, which then fell on its side on top of him, and slid 12-15 feet into the center lane. Thankfully no cars were attempting to make the turn and neither of us were hit when he slid and I was running to help him. After checking to make sure he wasn’t injured and getting the bike up, we got the bits picked up from his bike and got him going on his way. He would have had a crushed foot/ankle if not for his boots and other injuries if he hadn’t worn his full gear today.


During the whole 10-15 minutes the incident happened, not a single car slowed or stopped in bright sunlight and clear conditions. It stunned me that there was such disregard for 2 people obviously in a dangerous situation. The motorcyclist stopped by the shop to thank me for helping him and let me know he was alright a short time ago. Today has been crazy and taught me a few things.

First, always help someone in danger if you are able.

Second, care about other human beings in general. You never know what may happen and if you’re the only person who cares enough to do something.

Third, be excellent to each other. Every day, all the time.

Fourth, always wear or use all the safety equipment you can whether you ride a motorcycle, drive a car, whatever it is. His full gear probably saved his life and at the very least from some painful injuries. A seatbelt in the car is ridiculously easy to use and proven to save lives time and again.


I hope that if I were ever in his situation, someone helped me and that anyone who reads this helps others in need of they come across a situation like this or worse. Don’t do it for recognition or reward, do it because it’s the right thing and it’s another person. Our lives are fragile and can be ended in an instant, just do all you can to help others.

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