Inspired by some Oppos and Diamond Dallas Page helping various folks see their true potential, I started my weight loss project. As it is, getting fit was one of my few New Year’s Resolutions.

New Year’s Goals:

1. Get back down to High School Prom Night weight of 160 lb.

2. Fix my teeth.

3. Pull out of letting depression control my life.

4. Begin getting my certifications.

Here’s an update of how things are going.

- Weight loss: I’m currently sitting at 219 lb. I started out 8 weeks ago at 242 lb. My initial goal is 180 lb, will a secondary target of 160lb. 23 pounds down!!!


For workouts, Miss Tesla and I are doing DDPYoga. I’m working out hard enough that my metabolism has been kick-started. I can eat a whole Chicago-style deep dish pizza and still lose weight. :)

- Teeth: Well, my mouth basically needs reconstruction. I need implants and my mouth/jaw needs surgery to fix the permanent damage from repeated punches to the face (bullying). I will be taking some temporary steps in May to correct my horrendous looking teeth at least visibly until I can afford the big stuff.

- Happiness: I still beat myself up over every little bad thing that happens to me, though I seem self-sufficient in reversing those negative thoughts. Overall, I’m much happier with myself and life right now. :) Therapy is working a miracle! <3


- School: Well, Obama’s Department of Education was crap and Trump’s is already worse, so the best estimate I can get on my loan servicers/DoE is refunding my loans is the barely professional equivalent of “idk lol”. Basically, they said they’re going to do it...Probably...But they’re going to take their time in doing it.

FYI, Corinthian closed nearly 2 years ago and so far only a small percentage of their students have seen their refunds.


Have a Vanquish for your time. :)

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