My parents are looking to replace their 06' Ford Five Hundred. I’m glad, because after 10 years and 197,000 miles it’s starting to show its age.

My dad seems to be set on buying a fusion, and had originally been looking at ‘16 Titanium trim levels. With 2017's starting to arrive 2016's are getting marked down. He doesn’t care about the 2017 facelift, so that’s fine.

However, he’s also made it clear that he couldn’t care less about power/performance. He just wants good gas mileage, leather seats, and my mom wants NAV. As such, I’m pushing him away from Titaniums and toward SE Hybrids.

I know, I’m betraying Oppo’s cause.

He’s hesitant, because I think he doesn’t like hybrids. You can’t really argue with the mileage difference between the two though. Even the 1.5 is only rated at 28 combined compared to the hybrid’s 42. Even with the options they want it’ll be $10k less than a Titanium.


(Weirdly, my dad fell in love with the Mazda 6 wagon when he visited me in Prague. If they sold them here he’d buy one.)


Am I doing the right thing by suggesting buying a hybrid SE over a 2.0L Titanium or a 1.5L SE ?

Also, holy crap Netflix just got good. I watched Spotlight last night and The Big Short today. Watch ‘em if you haven’t seen them yet.