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So we are still working on my M37, I added power steering to the list of things and a NOS heater from a M-151. But I want to use it as a surf wagon and general fun machine. They have a soft top and you can just cover the lid with a bimini/bikini type. But I was looking at what the Land Rovers do and wondered if I could get a canvas top that goes all the way back like a Santana. So far I have been bouncing these ideas off of myself so I thought why not ask Oppo and see if any thoughts on the subject help me out.

The easiest option would be to use the cargo wood kit and cut it down to be the same height as the cab, then get a place that makes custom boat canvas to do a top that fit all the way down. There is a track in the windshield and people say the snow marker poles work perfectly as the bead in the fabric. It would also look period correct with the top off. I don’t like how the wood kit has to use the boards on the side for stability and it blocks the view, it was originally a back rest for troop seats as well. I want it to be more open. 


The reason I’m conflicted about that is a metal structure would let me throw a 17ft kayak on the very top while keeping space in the bed. Or I could make a huge roof rack to clamp on. The thicker tube kit looks pretty good, maybe if I used square tubing slightly bigger than the wood they used back then it would look more like the original but be functional as a rack. I like the roll up sides for keeping the weather out if needed and maybe a couple single folding troop seats. The command truck version has a single folding seat for the map and radio desk I could get. 


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