Any Opponauts in the Southern Maryland area? Specifically that travel along Rt. 4/Pennsylvania Ave corridor into DC? I need help! Maryland is claiming that the request we submitted for damage to our vehicle is the FIRST time they knew of potholes in that area this Winter and they denied our claim for compensation for a replacement wheel and tire.

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In February we reported a really bad pothole on Northbound 4 just before Green Landing Road overpass (38.81262, -76.72132 for mapping purposes). It is in the left hand lane on the far left side. We blew a tire and badly bend a rim on our IS250 ($600+ for tire, wheel, and alignment). The state of MD told us to contact the county as they maintain the road. So we submitted to Prince George's county and they promptly denied it saying it was the State of Maryland's responsibility to maintain this stretch of road. Right.


So we finally were able to get a claim submitted to the state of Maryland on 21 February. We received a letter verifying that they had received our claim and would get back to us. Fast forward to today, the registered letter above come in the mail and they are making the audacious claim that we were the first to notify them of a pothole in that area and our request is denied. Right.

Oddly enough they fixed the pothole the day after our claim was submitted and anyone traveling through there now can still see the large blacktop area filled in just before the overpass. The person on the phone admitted it was a rough winter and they got hundreds of reports. Interesting that the letter above credits us with the first instance of reporting anything for this stretch of road. Weird considering there were cars changing tires daily as we commuted into DC. And our claim is only being denied "in part" because of that, curious what the other "part" is?



So what I need from Oppo (and ideally Jalopnik if anyone can to take this plight to the front page) is a documented report that you (or someone you know) made to the state of Maryland regarding a pothole in this general area. If it's this exact pothole, even better.


We are also posting on social media for the region, hopefully we can get someone else to provide documentation of a claim or report of this pothole, or one near it. If not, we'll send in a FOIA request to the state of MD asking for their records for January and February 2014. My wife is on maternity leave, so she has nothing but time. And we're asking for a very reasonable compensation, just the price of the tire, alignment and a new wheel, which I found on eBay really cheap.

Thanks in advance internet, we're counting on you!


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