I’m in the market for a double DIN head unit with inputs for a backup camera for my Suburban. I’m tired of dinging my bumper when hooking up to trailers. I also use an iPhone and listen to lots of podcasts, so CarPlay seems like a logical idea. I like the idea of a volume knob versus buttons, I hate the shitty shiny black plastic look on so many new head units, I never play CDs any more, and I’ve always been happy with Sony products. They seem to generally be simple, user friendly, and reliable. The Sony deck in my XJ was pulled from a really nasty truck in the junkyard. It was old when I got it about 7 years ago. I cleaned it up, installed it and it’s been flawless.

Anyone have any insight on the Sony XAV-AX100? The price is nice at roughly $350. The AX200 adds a CD player for $100, and I’d rather keep the $100 and have a bigger screen. Who makes a good backup camera to add to this? The $20 cameras on Amazon have hit and miss reviews, but the reviews are no worse that more expensive ones. I assume they’re all from the same factory in China.

I’ve already done the fun part of converting the dash in my ‘01 to the ‘03-’07 double DIN dash... that was fun.