I currently own continue to pay for what I consider my dream truck (2010 Ram R/T). I absolutely love everything about it aside from the lack of room and it's inability to move in winter conditions. I'm out of the main factory warranty, and thanks to some arm twisting when I mortgaged my house, I'm stuck paying for roughly another 3 years. At that point, all warranties are long gone, and I'm assuming with it will be most of the sheet metal and it will have destroyed at least one more trans (it's a Dodge. Trying to be realistic). Thankfully, it's value is higher than what I owe, so I'm considering doing one of the following:

1) Trade it in, and roll the extra cash into a down-payment on a new Wrangler Unlimited, or perhaps another Ram (lease for now. Buyout later).

2) Sell it somewhere, and take the cash left over to buy something reasonably priced like a Cherokee, or maybe put it towards a CRD Liberty.

3) Keep it, buy some winter tires, and pray I can get around in the snow. It's not exactly the best setup for winter driving regardless of tires (rwd + 400 crank hp + 4.10:1 gears + 2800 stall converter).

I'm inclined to go towards option 2 just to avoid or have a much smaller monthly payment, but given I'll be starting a new job sometime soon, I'd really prefer to have something where I know it will run every day and let me get to work relatively on-time. I'm sure my dog would enjoy having more room, hence the SUV choices. My growing german shepherd puppy does not fit nicely into one bucket seat anymore. All this also depends on what the dealerships go by for value. KBB doesn't have an entry for the R/T, so I get lumped in with the base models. NADA has an entry for it, and the rough trade in value is a little over $1k higher than the very good value from KBB, and peaks at just over $4k more.


Oppo, am I crazy for considering giving up a known vehicle for lower payments, maybe a warranty, more room for my mutt, and the crushing feeling that I have sold off the one vehicle I've owned so far that brings a smile to my face every time I look at it? My family and friends all know how much I love the truck, so they are not helpful here. I'm hoping y'all can provide a better perspective on this.