Yes, so I was working on the Volvo last night before recording a podcast with questions from oppo. I found out my intake manifold, when flipped to the proper position interfered with my distributor. So I played around for a little bit. Frustrated I thought of my options

Option 1

Get new intake manifold, hook up all the eltronics from the Mercury villager/ Nissan Quest play nice with the 300z trans and random volvo bits left.


Pros: if it works, I have modern electrics, motor works as intended and is probably more reliable, less fabrication work. I have most if not all parts I’ll need to get it working.

Cons: I could be chasing down electrical gremlins for a while, the whole thing could decide it doesn’t want to work in the Volvo and I’ll have to trick it, which will take time.


Option 2

Ditch all stock wiring, and go carbureted.

Pros, simple to trouble shoot in the future, I can wire everything how I want. Less wires = less Weight, less to go wrong.


Cons: it’s gonna be twitchy to get running well, I’ll have to buy parts, I will have to figure out a solution to the current distributor. (Might have to customize a dizzy, or buy a expensive one), lots of fabration work.

Thoughts oppo?

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