And I mean anything. Have at it.

It’s a really slow night at work (drugstore open til 10pm but not the pharmacy which closed at 6pm, wtf right?) and I’m dying of boredom with the cashier.

On the homefront, things are swell. The Dart is doing splendidly and I’m compiling a small list of mods/upgrades for it. Looking forward to school this fall and getting back on track, plus learning a language. Either German or Italian, still deciding.


At the top is what my next/second/pseudo-project car will most likely be in a few years. LGT/OXT wagon with WRX upgrades, or possibly a Magnum if I want a tire shredding V8 with Charger Pursuit upgrades. Might paint whatever it ends up being grey or dark blue/blurple if not WR blue.

Oh, and if you see this Nibby. Get weird.