Wife wants to redo the kitchen. Like, the whole thing. First stop was looking at Ikea, price tag for just the cabinets will be a minimum $5500, which would cut down on her ability to choose appliances and counter tops that are to her liking. Being a fairly experienced handy man, and that she wants frameless cabinets, and shaker style doors (the second simplest of doors behind a flat board) I believe I can make said cabinets for ~$2000 in materials. And we wouldn’t be stuck with the stock sizes.

Anyone in here taken on this job? Said first wife does not believe I can accomplish this task in a reasonable time frame, but considering that her solution would involve me spending almost all that time assembling said kit kitchen, I’m not sure it would be much more. Any thoughts out there?

Edit: Shaker style doors are wicked easy.


Edit 2: she wants everything painted white, which saves me from the hells of finishing to perfection.