Lets get some cool roadside architecture going.

This service station was designed by Frank Lloyd Wright. It was meant to be a revolutionary step in service station design. You may know FLW better for Fallingwater.

His Prairie Style architecture highlighted the horizontal lines on the Midwest landscape. He was also know for some crazy structural feats. At the time concrete and steel were still new construction materials. The engineering report for Fallingwater said it would never stand. FLW disagreed and tossed the report into the concrete as the foundation was being poured.


I guess The R. W. Lindholm Service Station could be considered similar to modern day highway rest stops but this was designed to be a social center in Wright’s design for a Utopian city. No more just coming in and pulling out. The filling station uses some impressive cantilevers .......

you know what, f-it, after looking for a couple more images I stumped across this. Jalopniks turned into the Simpsons, you think you have a cool idea and Jalopniks done it already.


Just post some other cool roadside architecture.