Howdy, folks! I’ve got an issue, and I could use some assistance.

I’ve got six of these trophies from the 2016 rally season. I’m fairly fond of them. The problem is, being clear and all, they’re hard to read under the best of circumstances, and virtually impossible when backed by the living room wall.

I’ve given some thought to what I’d like to do. Obviously the simple solution is to pick a color to back it with, but that’s no fun. So what I want to do is give each a backing design, something stylish in it’s own right, but at the same time making it easier to view the designs and writings on the trophy itself. Unfortunately I suck at art.


Fortunately a lot of you don’t suck at art, so I’m requesting your assistance. I’m looking for six unique designs for my six trophies. Each design will be printed on clear vinyl and put on the back. You’re encouraged to go with anything you think will look good, but some ideas I’ve had so far are 1) using color-flattened or stylized images of the cars from the races, 2) using the color palette from the cars (difficult since the car from 100 Acre was plain white), 3) a design that draws from/compliments either the wall art above the trophy shelf or the season championship trophy (below).


I can provide photos of each trophy to anyone interested (on grid paper if it helps for sizing/placement), along with photos from the events. I’m willing to provide compensation for each of the six selected designs in the form of either two Oppo stickers or $12.