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Oppo Ask Part 2: What would you do with $600k

So a while ago I asked everyone in Oppo what they would do with $100k and yall had some pretty clever answers.

So now, let’s play another game called “What would you do with $600k?”

I don’t have 600k either, but I could earn/save/accrue that much before my body deteriorates fully before retirement. I’m nowhere near, but compound interest is an unstoppable force.


Do you do what you did at 100K and just extend the same pattern? Do you sit back and take a few years off? Do you immediately reinvest?

I’m thinking of looking up countries that are much cheaper to live in than the US but maintain a post-industrial culture and some modicum of English speaking.  Call it my getaway plan, in case my series of bank heists are ever discovered. 

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