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I visited my buddy Tall Bill (he has no idea why they call him that) yesterday to work on our Gambler scoots. We each bought janky Honda Helixes to run in the Gambler 500-Illinois, which is a scant 2- weeks away. While we bought them months ago, last night was our first proper digging into them ... For ... Reasons .... Shut up.


Anyways, mine was pouring fuel out of the carb and wouldn’t start, so to cover the bases I purchased both a rebuild kit and a new Chinesium carb. Tall Bill knows his stuff about carbs, so I helped ... Passed him tools, read the manual, and fetched beers. The carb was disassembled, cleaned, the float and needle/seat were replaced, and then we put it all back together.

It started, idled, and we took it for a short test ride. It sounds like a go-kart, but it ran. So we then decided to see if it would achieve highway speeds. Nope. After about a minute stuck at 45 mph, it coughed, died, and wouldn’t refire.

Slick Willy went to fetch his truck and trailer (on his scooter), whilst I waited and pondered if we could really make this happen.


Of course upon trailering it back to his house it refired.

We dug in and found a pretty good looking spark plug, with a bit too big of a gap, and we found a fuel line that was improperly run. We fixed those issues. We also found that the fuel pump is aftermarket, and poorly mounted with a couple zip-ties. We performed a flow test, expecting to find it was starving for fuel. Well, it flows WAY more fuel than the stock pump, probably too much.


It now fired up easier, and had more power, so we took it on test ride number three. This time Billy-boy followed in the truck.

It pulled decent up to 45-49, but then after a minute or so started surging and bucking and slowing down. I pulled to a stop, and it didn’t die this time, so I took back off towards the house again. Again it pulled pretty good up to 45 or so, then after a minute or less, started surging and bucking and slowing down. Again it didn’t die this time.


So, we either have a fuel delivery problem, an ignition problem, or both.

We need to decide a plan of action. I’m tempted to throw a $13 coil on it to see if that will help, but I really felt like the surging and bucking was fuel related. Could too much pressure to the carb be causing this? Should I put a fuel pressure regulator on it? Should I replace the fuel pump? It will have to be another aftermarket one, because OE pumps are $150, and I am not sinking that kind of money into this silly project.


What are Oppo’s thoughts?

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