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Oppo Buildsheet?

Anyone ever done one? I never have until the Alltrack, but I’m really enjoying managing it! I’m hyper organized (you’ll know this if you’ve seen pics of my workbench/workshop.)

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It’s so hard to buy the little things without a build sheet. I’m going to swap out the Alltrack’s factory suspension for the one from the Golf R. The are few dozen bits that I need from $25 to $500 but who want’s to buy a $25 bump stop just to have it sit around for months while you gather everything else.

There were three C notes on my desk this morning! Either money I won, or money from someone I helped out, I’m not sure yet. Anyway to the build sheet I go to ring up front and rear bump stops, spring pads, and the rear springs!


I chose the rear springs as they are from some weird Euro site and I’d like to knock that out first in case I have to find another place to source Golf R estate springs.

Any oppo’s do this/have tips?

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