Oppo Car Paint Experts Assemble!!!

I've painted myself into a corner, so to speak. A few years back my wife and I had our first child. Around this time, being the paranoid parents were are traded in our less-reliable more-fun cars for an '11 Subaru Outback and a '12 Nissan Maxima. Both cars sport black paint because black is the best plainly the best paint color there is (I know this is untrue on many levels, but they look good damn it).


Once my son came along, my once fervent commitment to keeping my cars looking good devolved into a slight nagging in the back of my head that was never acted on. I now have a 3 1/2 year old that's only ever had one wax job and has multiple dings an scratches (many of which are thanks to my kid's art skillz), and a 2 year-old Maxima that has been treated like the leased whipping boy it was meant to be, that has seen almost no love in its time with me.

My kid is nearing three now, and I'm starting to come to my senses after years in a parenting coma. The paint jobs on both my cars are looking rough. Tons of scratch marks (that I'm sure will buff) around the door handles, lots of bug damage in the front, and they just desperately need a polish and a coat of wax.

I you can control your scorn for my sloth, my question is, where is the best place I can take these cars to have their paint and finish restored professionally? I've always gladly done this stuff myself because I used to have all the time in the world to obsess over this stuff, so I have no idea. Should I go to a body shop, independent detailer, a wash and wax place, or somewhere I'm not considering? I'd love some help!


The outback has some dings and damage for a golf ball and a parking lot mishap that would be covered by my insurance, is there some way to leverage that?

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