My son is about to turn 16. He fell in love with old cars at 14 when I taught him to drive the Sunchaser around the parking lot at my office.

We had a deal that if he kept his grades up and his behavior good, I would match what he saved and would help him find a car. He blew that up in spectacular fashion on all fronts. As a result, he did not even get a learner’s permit, much less a car. As an enthusiast dad, it broke my heart because I want to see him experience first car love (and find out that old cars are better for the soul than they are for the wallet or your sanity).

In recent times, he seems to be trying hard to turn it around, and has improved on all fronts. So I started looking at cars. I found a nice 93 Acura Legend for a great price, but he doesn’t want it.


I got annoyed. At his age, I wanted ANY car. I got lucky with my first one, but he should be thrilled that I am considering anything.


Then again...

I encouraged him towards cars. Can I blame him for wanting to hold out for a car that speaks to his heart?