Oppo Car Show -Low N' Slow + Rhino Hunt (Xbox One)

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It’s Friday, and I’m hosting another Oppo Car Show. I’m currently at the Dollar Pills plaza in Strawberry, with my newly completed Albany Primo lowrider (thanks to the past week, with 2X $ and RP in certain contact missions).


This Oppo Car Show will be a little different. The idea is to grab your finest lowrider, meet up for a car show, maybe show off some hydraulic action and then get our hunting gear on, as we’re hunting Rhinos in the newest Adversary Mode, Rhino Hunt.

R* has set it up so that players who compete in this new event will get 2X $ and RP over the next week.


Now, if you don’t have or aren’t that into lowriders, you can still bring whatever car you want, whether it be the recently added Sultan RS or Banshee 900R, or the updated Roosevelt Valor, or anything else you feel like bringing.

The Rhino Hunts will be invite only to those participating in the show, so if you want in, feel free to let me know. The show has already started, as you can see above with my car in the parking lot.


Reply below with your gamertag or message me (my gamertag is the same as my username), and I’ll get an invite out to you.

Grand Theft Oppo crew members that are currently online and people already on my friends list an are already playing will get invites first, followed by other people who want in.

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