Yesterday I posted a short, 18 question car trivia quiz that I made. Today, after exactly 120 attempts it's time to present the results and correct answers.

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Stats and correct answers:

Up to this point the quiz has been taken exactly 120 times. 8 people managed to achieve passing scores (a passing score is anything over 50%). This makes for 7% of all the attempts, with 93% of people failing to achieve the 50% target. The maximum possible score was 104 points.


The average time to take the quiz was 5 minutes and 18 seconds.

Question 1: Which way does the horse on the Ferrari logo face.

A) Left (correct answer, picked by 83 people - 69.17%, 2 points)

B) Right (picked by 37 people - 30.83%)

Question 2: The McLaren F1 uses gold as a heat deflector within its engine bay.

A) True (correct answer, picked by 104 people - 86,67%, 2 points)

B) False (picked by 16 people - 13.33%)

Question 3: All of the following cars are based on the Lotus Elise/Exige: Tesla Roadster, Opel Speedster, Vauxhall VX220, Rinspeed sQuba, Dodge Circuit EV, Hennessey Venom GT.


A) True (picked by 85 people - 70.83%)

B) False (correct answer, picked by 35 people - 29.17%, 3 points)

Explanation: The Dodge Circuit EV is based on the Lotus Europa S, not Elise or Exige.


Question 4: The Jeep Grand Cherokee has always utilised a unibody chassis, as opposed to other SUVs which often used a body-on-frame construction.

A) True (correct answer, picked by 66 people - 55%, 2 points)

B) False (picked by 54 people - 45%)

Question 5: Is it possible to reliably run a turbocharged engine without an intercooler?


A) Yes (correct answer, picked by 89 people - 74.17%, 2 points)

B) No (picked by 31 people - 25.83%)

Question 6: The DeLorean DMC-12, a mid-engined classic made famous by the Back To the Future movies, had stainless steel body panels.


A) True (picked by 107 people - 89.17%)

B) False (correct answer, picked by 13 people - 10.83%, 3 points)

Explanation: The DMC-12 was rear engined, not mid engined.

Question 7: Due to cost saving measures the Tata Nano doesn't have an external fuel cap. To access the fuel inlet one has to open the rear hatch.


A) True (picked by 84 people - 70.59%)

B) False (correct answer, picked by 35 people - 29.41%, 3 points)

Explanation: The Nano does not have an openable rear hatch. The fuel inlet can be accessed by opening the compartment in front of the cabin.


Question 8: Both Nissan and Maserati called one of their models Mistral.

A) True (correct answer, picked by 76 people - 63.33%, 2 points)

B) False (picked by 44 people - 36.67%)

Question 9: Which of the following is not a real Ferrari:

A) Ferrari 195 S (picked by 31 people - 25.83%)

B) Ferrari 365 GTC (picked by 9 people - 7.5%)

C) Ferrari 400i GT (picked by 35 people - 29.17%)

D) Ferrari 500 Superfast (picked by 41 people - 34.17%)

E) Ferrari 250 GTB (correct answer, picked by 4 people - 3.33%, 5 points)

Question 10: What is the purpose of a device called 'freewheel' in certain automobiles?


A) It allows to drastically reduce the turning radius of some lighter cars (picked by 14 people - 11.76%)

B) It disengages the drive of a vehicle whenever the driver releases the throttle (correct answer, picked by 79 people - 66.39%, 5 points)

C) It allows for the steering wheel to be moved between the left and right side of the car (picked by 5 people - 4.2%)


D) It's a clever system of mounting a spare wheel under a car without reducing interior or boot space (picked by 10 people - 8.4%)

E) It allows to quickly release wheels during a pit stop to make tyre changes faster (picked by 11 people - 9.24%)

Question 11: What is the correct way to spell the name of a certain, recently defunct, German car manufacturer based in Dulmen?


A) Wiesman (picked by 2 people - 1.67%)

B) Wiessman (picked by 35 people - 29.17%)

C) Wiesmann (correct answer, picked by 45 people - 37.5%, 4 points)

D) Wiessmann (picked by 38 people - 31.67%)

Question 12: What was the layout of all engines used in the Citroen 2CV?

A) I2 (picked by 14 people - 11.76%)

B) V-Twin (V2) (picked by 37 people - 31.09%)

C) Flat-2 (H2) (correct answer, picked by 32 people - 26.98%, 4 points)

D) I4 (picked by 15 people - 12.61%)

E) V4 (picked by 16 people - 13.45%)

F) Flat-4 (H4) (picked by 5 people - 4.2%)

Question 13: Check the boxes next to front wheel drive cars. (This was a multiple choice question with multiple possible answers, to get the full amount of points one had to check all the correct answers without checking any of the incorrect ones).


A) Cadillac Catera (picked by 79 people - 15.96%, -1 point)

B) Tucker Torpedo (Tucker 48) (picked by 40 people - 8.08%, -1 point)

C) Wartburg 353 (correct answer, picked by 37 people - 7.47%, 3 points)

D) Chevrolet Chevette (picked by 46 people - 9.29%, -1 point)

E) Shelby CSX (correct answer, picked by 47 people - 9.49%, 3 points)

F) DKW/IFA F8 (correct answer, picked by 36 people - 7.27%, 3 points)

G) Holden Apollo (correct answer, picked by 30 people - 6.06%, 3 points)

H) Citroen CX (correct answer, picked by 88 people - 17.78%, 3 points)

I) AMC Concord (picked by 39 people - 7.88%, -1 point)

J) Opel Manta (picked by 53 people - 10.71%, -1 point)

Question 14: Check the boxes next to cars that were never offered with a manual gearbox. (This was a multiple choice question with multiple possible answers, to get the full amount of points one had to check all the correct answers without checking any of the incorrect ones).


A) Mercedes-Benz CLK (picked by 54 people - 12.89%, -1 point)

B) Chrysler Voyager (picked by 55 people - 13.13%, -1 point)

C) Subaru SVX (correct answer, picked by 66 people - 15.75%, 4 points)

D) Nissan Figaro (correct answer, picked by 42 people - 10.02%, 4 points)

E) Ford Transit Connect (picked by 40 people - 9.55%, -1 point)

F) Daewoo Leganza (picked by 26 people - 6.21%, -1 point)

G) Chevrolet Corvette C3 (picked by 14 people - 3.34%, -1 point)

H) Tatra 603 (picked by 29 people - 6.92%, -1 point)

I) Maserati Ghibli III (correct answer, picked by 42 people - 10.02%, 4 points)

J) Rayton-Fissore Magnum 4x4 (Laforza) (picked by 51 people - 12.17%, -1 point)

Question 15: Which of the following vehicles does not use a body-on-frame construction?


A) Citroen Traction Avant (correct answer, picked by 39 people - 33.33%, 5 points)

B) Wartburg 353 (picked by 19 people - 16.24%)

C) Ford Crown Victoria (picked by 8 people - 6.84%)

D) Nissan Frontier (picked by 9 people - 7.69%)

E) Toyota FJ Cruiser (picked by 21 people - 17.95%)

F) Morgan Plus 8 (picked by 21 people - 17.95%)

Question 16: What was the first fully automatic transmission used in mass-produced passenger cars?


A) Ford-O-Matic (picked by 13 people - 11.02%)

B) Dynaflow (picked by 11 people - 9.32%)

C) Hydramatic (correct answer, picked by 49 people - 41.53%, 7 points)

D) Tuckermatic (picked by 4 people - 3.39%)

E) Vacamatic (picked by 3 people - 2.54%)

F) PowerFlite (picked by 6 people - 5.08%)

G) Ultramatic (picked by 2 people - 1.69%)

H) Cruise-O-Matic (picked by 19 people - 16.1%)

I) PowerShift (picked by 11 people - 9.32%)

Question 17: Which of those cars aren't powered by a Wankel engine? (This was a multiple choice question with multiple possible answers, to get the full amount of points one had to check all the correct answers without checking any of the incorrect ones).


A) Mazda RX-7 (not picked by anyone, -3 points)

B) Mazda RX-8 (picked by 2 people - 0.7%, -3 points)

C) Mazda MX-3 (correct answer, picked by 60 people - 21.05%, 5 points)

D) NSU Prinz 30 (correct answer, picked by 21 people - 7.37%, 5 points)

E) NSU Spider (picked by 22 people - 7.72%, -1 point)

F) NSU Ro 80 (picked by 12 people - 4.21%, -1 point)

G) NSU Typ 110 (correct answer, picked by 16 people - 5.61%, 5 points)

H) Mercedes-Benz C111 (picked by 47 people - 16.49%, -1 point)

I) Citroen M35 (picked by 45 people - 15.79%, -1 point)

J) Citroen ZX (correct answer, picked by 60 people - 21.05%, 3 points)

Question 18: Starting with 1, the firing order of a Ford Flathead V8 is (use dashes or commas between numbers):

Correct answers: 1-5-4-8-6-3-7-2; 1,5,4,8,6,3,7,2 (answered correctly by 5 people - 4%, 10 points).


Total points: 104.


A few thoughts:

- I was surprised to see that Ferrari 250 GTB - the correct answer in the second Ferrari question was the least chosen one. It was also the question with the fewest right answers from you.


- Surprisingly, more people got the last, 'killer' question correctly (the one about the Flathead V8) than the fake Ferrari question, which I thought would be more or less a breeze

- It's funny, how many people never paid attention to the way the Ferrari horse is facing, isn't it?

- I included the Tatra 603 as one of the possible answers, because even though that car appears on Oppo and Jalopnik relatively often, I suspected that few people knew much about it. Turns out I wasn't wrong.


- I'm glad that no one forgot that the RX-7 was powered by a Wankel, but I was surprised that 2 people thought the RX-8 didn't have one.

- I was really pleasantly surprised by how many of you knew how the first automatic gearbox was called. Good job!

- The vast majority of you got caught on the 3 'trick' questions. That was not entirely unexpected, but I encourage you to read the questions carefully next time.



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