Waiting for my business license application to go through so I can start getting leads from all of my old sources. In the meantime though....

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’m applying for new jobs! I don’t really want my business to be my main focus. More of a weekend thing. I also realized I have absolutely zero idea what I want to do career-wise. Like, nothing. Nothing at all. I think the firefighter dream is dead. I wouldn’t mind trying to climb the management ranks in the hotel industry, but I don’t have many prospects outside of starting from the bottom, which I can’t make work financially. I’ve given a biiiiit of thought to becoming an air traffic controller, but I don’t know too much about the requirements. The closest I can come up with for a career I want.... is investing and managing my own rental properties, but that’s going to take more money than I currently have to get started.


For now I just want decent money, and to learn new skills if possible. Going back to school to finish a degree is a possibility, but again... I have no clue what I’d go for. applied for a job installing fireplaces and windows, and that’s currently my top choice. Pay is fantastic, training is provided. Owner responded and we’re meeting in person soon.

Applied for a window washing job with above-average pay and solid benefits, but I’ve yet to hear back. Not a great sign seeing as they’ve posted hiring ads since I emailed them. I’m genuinely concerned I might be giving off over qualified vibes for this kind of work.... This one would be nice as I’d get a company truck to take home, with all expenses covered.

There was an entry-level insurance position, but I’m 90% sure it’s either a scam or grossly misrepresented based on the pay claims in the ad.

Last but not least, an electrician apprenticeship, no experience needed. Pay isn’t great, but benefits are good and these are skills I really, really want.


Oh, and I got fired, “effective immediately”. I found out via an email on Saturday morning from my boss that was also CC’d to my fellow employees. It gave absolutely zero reason. I later found out that the locks at all company properties were replaced immediately after. Which... Is not standard procedure. Huh. I’m not upset to be out, but I’m slightly irritated to see it go down like this. No warning, no reason, not even the courtesy of doing it in person, plus some implications completely out of left field that I might try to steal company property..? And all this from I boss I had respected quite a bit. Alrighty then. Consider that bridge burned.

In other news, I spent Monday doing a food tour and mountain biking, today I cleaned up paperwork and got drinks with friends, and tomorrow.... I’m finally tackling some home projects that I haven’t had time to do! I had honestly forgotten what it was like to live without a constant, low-level feeling of dread and anxiety lol.

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