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Oppo Census 2016 (Repost for morning & international crew)

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Ever wonder what the demographics of Oppo are like? Well, we’ll find out one day, because the unofficial official Oppo Census is here! If as many of you can (honestly) fill it out, we will be able to see all the weird vehicular statistics of this place.


Don’t worry, there are no personal identifiers and it’s all completely anonymous. The only “personal” things are questions asking your gender, age, and location, which you don’t even have to specify. Nothing about income or anything like that. It’s just the three things above and a whole bunch of questions relating to your vehicular history, both past and present. Oh, and slight mentions of your Oppo cred. Even if you don’t own a car, or do own a motorcycle or electric car, fill it out! There are answers for you at the top of each applicable question.

I did have to Wikipedia some stuff to make sure I covered all the bases as far as answers go, but just to be sure most questions have an “Other” option, so if you don’t see a suitable answer you can select “Other” and type it in. And for a bit of fun, there’s a text input at the end so you can type in whatever the hell you want, you savages.


After enough people take the survey, whatever that number may be, I’ll copy and paste the results from the responses page which show up in charts and percentages which is very helpful, thank you very much indeed Google compile all the data myself and post the results on Oppo. Hard work. Yes. We’ll be able to see how many Opponauts live in Europe, or drive a FWD car, or drive a car with a V8, or use digital tire pressure gauges, or even how many people have crank windows, for example. OR, HOW MANY OF YOU CLOWNS ACTUALLY OWN RWD DIESEL MANUAL BROWN WAGONS.

Sound cool?


EDIT: OK, I done goofed on a bunch of answer choices. Unfortunately I can’t change them because it will invalidate the answers that are already submitted. I don’t want that and I’m pretty sure no one else wants that, so just pick whatever’s the closest option, ignoring my “humorous” bits in the choices.

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