I was just driving around Providence and saw a kinda scuzzy 80 series Land Cruiser sitting on the lot of one of the city’s towing companies, and it got me thinking: if I had to make an evil twin for my daily driver FZJ80, what would I do?

I hate to be cliche, but it instantly went to what is seemingly the most popular place in the automotive world: LS swap.

What I’d like to do is build an LS swapped FZJ80 with a T56, do the part time 4wd mod, gear it for the highway and build myself a touring LC. Make around 400hp, maybe a 17 or 18" wheel with some more road-focused tires than the BFGs on my truck, rear seat entertainment for Thunderbolt Junior.

I haven’t seen an LS/stick swapped 80, but I think it would be a ton of fun. To that end, I’m going to swing by that yard Friday and see if that Cruiser is still there...maybe it’s got a blown engine and good seats, it would be double useful to me as a parts truck and project.


What would be the evil twin to your daily? Post it here!