Oppo Changed My Life!

This isn’t just an update about the fate of my car. I also feel like sharing some rather important developments in my life with you, my fellow Opponauts. Mostly because what has happened wasn’t possible without this fine community!

A couple of months ago I posted an article titled “TÜV Luck”. It dealt with the awful realisation that my beloved Boot wasn’t able to pass the TÜV inspection without giving it significant financial attention. I also hinted at upcoming changes in my life. Back then I knew I wanted to leave my job and Göttingen where I was living for almost eleven years at this point. I was bored there and the job was a nightmare. So I was saving up money in order to be able to grab the next best opportunity to get out there. This sadly meant leaving the car behind so this progress wouldn’t be slowed down unnecessarily. But I wasn’t sure what to do and where to go exactly.


You might notice I deleted said post already since the grim tone wasn’t fitting anymore. In fact what has happened after uploading the article were the fastest and most exciting weeks in my life so far.

In short: Within 1,5 months I quit working for a security company and moved to Berlin where I’m writing for an online marketing firm.
My “portfolio” consisted mostly of Oppo articles and some stuff I wrote about music I published elsewhere in German.

This is amazing. I’m a hired pen now! I’m not exactly writing about the most prestigious topics - certainly not cars or music - but still: A professional writer.


You have to understand that I’m a shy person and admittedly lack self-confidence. Yet you guys and girls encouraged me to write and publish more and I’m very thankful for that. Without your kind words and interest I wouldn’t be able to enjoy this view over the German capital from my rooftop.

View from my roof shot with my trusted potato. The famous Funkturm (TV tower) dominates the skyline of the city about 4 miles away to left of the church.

I have a blast working within a young creative team and enjoy maybe a bit too much beer while doing this at the moment.


Berlin feels like a total refresh after stagnating in Göttingen way too long. The city is vibrant, beautiful and fucked up at the same time. While people from all over the world flow into the city and make the nightlife world famous, the skyline is dominated by cranes which are still covering up the wounds of history and are busy building a modern capital at the same time. Constructing the infrastructure needed for a modern metropolis and renovating large parts of the city after decades of decay and socialistic mismanagement turned Berlin into Germany’s money pit. “Poor but sexy” was an official slogan and it sums up the feeling of the past 20 years. I’m a bit late to the party, but it still feels like being part of something big.

Again: Thank you, Oppo!

Oh, and the car? That’s probably the best part of the whole story! There’s absolutely no reason to feel sad because it wasn’t crushed or anything like it. Instead it was bought by the best person I could imagine.


You know how a seller says something like, “I hate to part with the car. If you ever sell it, call me first!”. Typical marketing move, right? Well, the previous owner of my Touring said this to me before I drove off.

Because the stars were aligned perfectly, his car broke down in the week I posted an ad for the Beamer. He couldn’t believe his luck. We had the best time trading money for a car anyone could possibly have. We both love the Black Distress so much. To give him a summary of my experience I sent him an email with some pictures of the car in Norway where it passed 250,000km. A few weeks later he answered:


I couldn’t be happier!

Have a nice weekend!

PS: The pic on top was also taken from my roof. You can see the Teufelsberg (4 miles away) on the horizon on the far left of the pic and the Funkturm (under 3mi) slightly to the left of the center.




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