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Oppohivemind: I am Requesting Computer Buying Advice

The wife and I have two laptops at home right now. A mid-2012 Mac and a mid 2012 Asus. They are both old but at least the Mac mostly works. The wife got into Duke for her Masters of Nursing Program and will be attending online but has to go to North Carolina enough. As for me, I am definitely not a gamer but want something I can play some games on occasionally (i.e. some Minecraft for destressing).


- Durable/Reliable

- Easy to transport

- Decent Camera

- Decent enough for games(separate Graphics card, not a mobile graphics card maybe?)


- a few different prices range so we can compare and contrast the benefits and see what would work

I might be asking for too much in one package get it but that’s why I am asking you all. We really don’t have space for a desktop setup right now and it’s not my cup of tea quite yet.


Oppo hivemind - Go!

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