Oppo computer folk: unite! And save me from myself.

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I’m looking to buy a ubiquitous PC laptop today. Your recommendations are highly solicited. Budget is currently low: under $600, and I have to buy Office and antivirus software... male prostitution is sadly now an oversaturated market. I don’t game and I don’t run any exhaustive programs so I just need something reliable and intuitive (hmm, the Toyota guy wants the Corolla of laptops? You don’t say).


Other than monies, a desktop is not in the cards because my office doubles as a guest room and we have many people slated to visit this summer, and I would need to use it daily for work so it’s gotta be convenient to hop around. I don’t know what it is but all my laptops die within 3 years on me... I can stomach the expense if I just replace them *before* they die next time.

Number pad is a must. I don’t want or like touchscreens.

.... I mean if you knew a killer dealer on a desktop don’t hesitate to share either...



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