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Oppo confession

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Today I tried to put diesel in my Camry.


Let me explain.

I usually get gas at a BP station near work, and all their pump handles are green. They have a dedicated pump for diesel separate from the gas pumps. The diesel pump handles are yellow.

Illustration for article titled Oppo confession

So I notice on my way to work this morning that I have but a quarter tank left. And it's COLD out. My car is warm. I'm about to drive past a gas station, so why not fill up here so I can get back in my warm car, rather than drive my cold car to the station after work and get back in a cold car after standing in the cold.... yeah.


So the pump looks like the one way above. Three buttons for gas, one for diesel, and TWO nozzles. One I did not see since it's BLACK and mounted in a BLACK housing. I do see the green one, and grab that and press the "87" button. I swing it around and aim it for the hole in my filler neck. It doesn't go in. It DOES, however, spill a little bit of fluid onto the cup around the hold. WTF. I try to stick it in again. It won't go.... that's when I turn around and notice the light on the diesel button flashing.



Hung up the GREEN DIESEL nozzle, and picked up the BLACK GAS nozzle and again pressed the "87" button.


Hey, it fit.

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