I love that silent performance is becoming an option. One of the most intriguing aspects about the NSX for me is the quiet mode. I believe a young man once told me, “Real G’s move in silence like lasagna.” Hmph! Life lessons in there.

My dream is a vehicle in which I can go WOT, hear the engine as if it were miles away, then hit a button at 5,000 rpm and instantly transform that restless, distant murmur into an unbridled banshee’s shriek. A kind of liquid sound so dense that it pours into the once void cabin with so much force and glory that I feel as if I will certainly drown in that symphony. That, my friends, would be the magnum opus I’d play on every outing.

*Yes, I am quietly making engine noises right now and then screaming my ass off once VTEC kicks in, yo!*