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Oppo Confession

I was actually fairly productive this morning, but now I am farting around until a 2 pm conference call with a union negotiator, after which it is Vespa bodywork time. In the meantime, have some Vespas.

Mine is going to look somewhat like this. I am going white, and painting the wheels black. However, mine will have yellow and black racing stripes, and we are trying to reproduce this wasp logo for the fenders:


My friend in LA is running a print on paper for me before we print it as a decal. My fenders will look like this , but the stripes will be yellow and black and the bike will be white. Do you think the skinny stripe on top should be black with the fat one yellow, or the other way around?

The wheels definitely look better in black:


Mine is also going to have a full set of chrome crash bars, and already has chrome mirrors.


I also have a chrome footrest.


I cannot wait to get after this project.

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