People seem to think that a hyper/super car company making a crossover SUV is as sacreligious as pouring syrup on an image of Christ *cough*. I honestly think it’s awesome, and Lamborghini’s interpretation seen here is one of the best I’ve seen. I’m no Lamborghini fan; I honestly think the Lambo design language is a bit overplayed, and the ‘ARGH ANGLES AND SHARP EDGES AND FUCK PEDESTRIANS’ thing is tired as all hell. This, though, is a tad more restrained. And by ‘restrained’ I mean “it looks like someone took a Camaro, somehow made it larger, and exaggerated everything even more”. Which is restrained by raging bull standards. Will it be good off road? Hell no. But it’ll haul ass, haul lots of shit, and have a nice high seating position so you can sneer down at plebians in their so-last-year Gallardos. I eagerly await it.