I don’t feel a lot of stuff for the Miura, at least design-wise (because transversal V12 is yummy). I see why it’s objectively beautiful yes, but never to the extent where I would yell “THAT’S THE MOST BEAUTIFUL CAR EVER, A CHARIOT OF THE GODS, EMBODIMENT OF A MECHANICAL SOUL” when I see one. Yet, pretty much every gearhead I know would at least place it in their personal top 10. Not saying they’re wrong, but I just don’t feel it at all. I don’t really like the headlights, either. So I guess I should burn at the stake, right?

I don’t know. It feels too modern for a car that old, and too old for a modern car. Truly timeless, sure, but I don’t get any emotions from it.

I don’t want to say boring, but yeah I’m a bit indifferent. Again, objectively, yes I can see it has everything that should be considered beautiful, but subjectively... nah. Like the Ferrari 275 GTB (oh boy, I’m in trouble for this post)

If I want emotion, I look at that beauty:


Oh yeah. DB4 GTZ will always be on my top five taking turns leading the pack. Oh yeeeaaaaah take me far away.